Jodo is an art in which a practitioner wields a 128cm long and 2.4cm diameter jo (staff). More than just for attacking, the jo is used to control the opponent in response to their movements.

Jodo came under the auspices of the All Japan Kendo Federation in 1956. In 1968, the All Japan Kendo Federation Jodo forms were established consisting of 12 kihon-waza (basic techniques) and 12 oyo-waza (applied techniques). One practitioner called Uchi uses a sword, and another called Shi uses a jo to perform the techniques. The 1st All Japan Jodo Championships were then held in 1974.

In a jodo match, two pairs of competitors perform a pre-determined set of techniques with each competitor alternating between the roles of Uchi and Shi. The referees decide the winning pair by assessing criteria such as fullness of spirit, correct posture, precise striking with appropriate power, judgment of interval and timing, and etiquette.

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