Established in 2003, the Institute of Budo Studies specializes in teaching authentic Japanese swordsmanship as it is instructed by the All Japan Kendo Federation. By practicing kendo, iaido, kobudo and jodo in combination, students develop a comprehensive understanding of Japanese swordsmanship, while simultaneously striving to unite the mind, technique and body, develop character, enhance their sense of morality, and cultivate a respectful and courteous demeanor. Through persistent practice, these admirable traits become ingrained in the character of the practitioner, and these arts serve as a path to self-perfection. As a result, the elevation of the human spirit that occurs benefits society by contributing to social prosperity and harmony.

Over the past two decades, the Institute of Budo Studies has developed close relationships with prominent instructors in Japan to ensure the authenticity of its instruction, offer opportunities for cultural exchange, and keep its curriculum in line with international standards.

The Japanese word heijoushin meaning “Presence of Mind” is composed of the kanji 平 (read hei) meaning “peaceful; even”, 常 (read jou) meaning “normal, ordinary” and 心 (read shin) meaning “mind, heart, spirit”. This is used especially in the martial arts, such as Kendo, to remind the student that one’s mind must remain calm and tranquil when under attack.

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