The Institute of Budo Studies offers courses in kendo, iaido, kobudo and jodo. Our focus is on the preservation and dissemination of these arts as they are prescribed by the Nippon Budo Kyogikai (Japan Budo Association). In order to do so, we go beyond the technical application of these arts and into the study of the historical and cultural aspects of budo. By studying these aspects one can gather a philosophical understanding as to the why and how the arts are practiced. Pursuit of these answers will in turn better assist the practitioner in discerning the reasoning behind the creation of the techniques and when they should be applied. To further assist in this process, we offer courses in arts from various eras, allowing one to study the evolution of budo as it developed in the medieval period, matured through the Japanese renaissance, and came to be standardized in the modern age. Understanding these elements not only enhances our ability to demonstrate the technical aspects of these arts in the correct mindset and intensity, but also serves as a form of cultural immersion.

In addition to the practical, philosophical, and historical instruction offered to members, the Institute of Budo Studies also focuses on the importance of developing a strong mind and body through the practice of martial arts. The many challenges that one faces in training will strengthen resolve and develop discipline in one’s character. The movements performed in martial arts are natural to the body’s range of motion and when practiced properly will condition the body with little risk of personal injury. This fact is what makes Japanese martial arts specifically so accessible to men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds.

At the Institute of Budo Studies, we believe that the martial arts are a way of life and a true asset for all that they can provide. We welcome new members to come join us on this journey to a better life through the martial arts.


Note: Kendo classes incorporate aspects of iaido, kobudo, and jodo, aiming to offer students a holistic grasp of Japanese swordsmanship in line with the principles advocated by the All Japan Kendo Federation. Similarly, iaido classes encompass elements of kendo, kobudo, and jodo to ensure a well-rounded education for practitioners, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the art.

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