The self-defense class is an interdisciplinary course designed to further enhance the student’s understanding of Japanese swordsmanship while providing the essential fundamentals for modern-day empty-hand combat. The techniques taught are deeply rooted in the traditions of Japanese swordsmanship and taijutsu (grappling arts) many of which precede some of the more modern forms of grappling such as ju-jutsu, aikido and judo. In addition to the ancient techniques, modern grappling techniques are incorporated to further compliment this study and prepare students for real-life scenarios. The combination of these two elements make this course unique to the Institute of Budo Studies, providing students with a well-rounded understanding of Japanese swordsmanship and effective self-defense techniques through the study of the grappling arts.

The taijutsu course is offered by semester (12 weeks twice a week).

The next semester will begin on June 2, 2019.

Miami Self-Defense (Taijutsu) Courses (Grappling Arts)
Self-Defense (Taijutsu) Schedule

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