Higo No Kuni Ju Naoyuki (Akamatsu Taro) Showa Gendaito 2 Shaku 3 Sun 8 Bu

This sword was made in January of 1978 (Year of the Horse) by Higo no Kuni Ju Naoyuki also known as Masao Kimura. He is from Futami-Akamatsu in Yatsuhiro city (Kumamoto Prefecture). Kimura is the younger brother to Kaneshige Kimura and the uncle to renown smith Kanetsugu Kimura as well as part of the famous Kimura Nippon Bijutsu Token Akamatsu Taro Tarenjo (a name used by this family for over 10 generations). This particular sword was made specifically for iaido practice, featuring a deep groove and excellent balance.

This gendaito is in excellent condition. Sword is made from tamhagane. Silver habaki. Handle was rewrapped in leather earlier this year (August 2021). The sword has been professionally reviewed in Japan and deemed safe for iaido practice. All fittings are tight and saya is secure.

  • Signature: Higo Ju Naoyuki / Showa Year of the Horse (January 1978)
  • Length: 2 Shaku 3 Sun 8 Bu (72.3cm)
  • Curvature: 1.4cm

Please carefully review all photos below for further details and condition.

Price: $5500

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