Dear Members & Friends,

In response to current developments regarding the new COVID-19 Delta variant, we kindly request that all members and visitors follow our new protocols prior to training at our facility. Although none of our members have been infected with the virus, we still would like to take extra precautions to ensure the safest training environment possible. 

COVID-19 Screening App

Prior to arrival at the dojo we ask that all participants complete the COVID-19 screening form found in the CheckCOVID app. Links for the app can be found below. No registration or personal information is required. 

CheckCOVID by University of Nebraska Medical Center


After completing the form, you will receive one of two results: Low or High (screenshot below). DO NOT come to class if your result is “High”

OK to come to class!

DO NOT come to class!

Please complete the survey as honestly as possible. You will be asked to show your result before each class at the check-in desk.

Temperature Check

Before each class every member will have their temperature checked with a digital contactless thermometer at the front desk. Only members with a normal temperature will be permitted to practice.

Members with an elevated or high temperature will be asked to return home. 
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding this matter. Lets continue to practice and improve ourselves through budo in a clean and safe training environment.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

Frank Nieves
Institute of Budo Studies

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