Dear Members & Friends,

This morning we spoke to Saito Sensei regarding our current dojo lease and future plans. He has assured us that the dojo will remain open for the time being despite the current financial situation.

Last month a number of our members made contributions to assist in keeping our doors open for the future and thanks to their help we’ve been able to achieve that.

As I mentioned in our last email, we have spent a considerable amount of time in developing a new website to accommodate remote budo studies. However, we understand that not everyone can sign-up for a membership subscription at this time, as the financial future for some may be uncertain.

For members that would like to contribute funds (no amount is too small) to assist in securing our dojo’s future, without setting up a subscription on our website, can do so by using the link below.

We appreciate your time and consideration. We hope that all of you remain safe and that we will be able to return to training soon. In the meantime, please try to do your best by training at home and staying fit. Use this time to improve yourself and physical conditioning.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


Frank Nieves

Institute of Budo Studies


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