September 9-18, 2019, 15 members of the Institute of Budo Studies went on a Budo Tour in Tokyo, Japan. Training sessions included Seitei Iaido training with 8-Time All Japan Champion- Kaneda Kazuhisa Sensei, Ryushin Shouchi Ryu Headmaster- Yahagi Kunikazu, and Kendo 7 DAN- Otsuka Norio Sensei along with various other prominent instructors. The tour ended with a special joint kendo & kobudo session at Kashima Shinto Shrine, the birthplace of Japanese swordsmanship. Several members also successfully passed examinations in Japan.

All Japan Kendo Federation Iaido Examination

  • Benjamin Sardinas- 3 DAN

Ryushin Shouchi Ryu Examination

  • Benjamin Sardinase- 4 DAN
  • Eduardo Marin- 2 DAN
  • Veronika Michalkova- 1 DAN
  • Alvaro Fonseca- 1 DAN

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