8th All Carolina Kendo Tournament Members

On April 27th, five team members from the Institute of Budo Studies competed at the 8th All Carolina Kendo Tournament in Columbia, South Carolina. All five members came home with medals.

  • Yudansha Open Division (1-3 DAN)
    • 2nd Place- Josie Nguyen
  • Yudansha Open Division (4 DAN & Above)
    • Fighting Spirit Award (Kanto Sho)- Wilder Ponte
  • Women’s Division (All Ranks)
    • 2nd Place- Josie Nguyen
    • Fighting Spirit Award (Kanto Sho)- Nancy Chen
  • Team Division (All Ranks)
    • 3rd Place
    • Wilder Ponte, Raul Magadan, Eric Hibbs, Josie Nguyen, Nancy Chen

Congratulations on a job well done!


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