On Saturday, August 26, members of the South Florida Kendo Club (a division of the Institute of Budo Studies) took third in team competition and several medals in the individual divisions at the 13th All Florida Kendo Championships and Examinations which were held in Tampa, Florida.

Championship Results

  • Bennett Thelmo- 1st Place (1 DAN- 3 DAN)
  • Josie Nguyen- 2nd Place (Women’s Open Division)
  • Josie Nguyen- 3rd Place (1 DAN- 3 DAN)
  • Alejandro Perez- 3rd Place (Mudansha Division)
  • South Florida Kendo Club Team (Wilder Ponte, Raul Magadan, Josie Nguyen, Bennett Thelmo, Hyunsoo Lim)- 3rd Place (Team’s Division)

Examination Results

  • Eric Hibbs- 3 DAN
  • Josie Nguyen- 2 DAN
  • Alejandro Perez- 1 KYU
  • Nastassja Sardinas- 1 KYU

Congratulations on a job well done!!!


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