On July 26-28, 2013 the South Florida Kendo & Iaido Club celebrated its 10 year anniversary with a Summer Kendo & Iaido Seminar, as well as made history by hosting the first official Seitei Iaido Examination in the Southeast Region.

Special thanks goes out to our guest instructors for making this even possible!

Shinobu Maeda- Kendo 7 DAN (Bartow, FL)
Tatsuhiko Konno- Kendo 7 DAN & Iaido 7 DAN (Seattle, WA)
Pam Parker- Iaido 6 DAN (New York, NY)
Harry Dach- Kendo 4 DAN & Iaido 5 DAN (Memphis, TN)
John Aquadro- Iaido 4 DAN (Memphis, TN)


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